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This is my first attempt at playing around with a Unity FPS template. It's adapted from (http://armedunity.com/) It's been fun and easy to create a small world to test out a hand drawn art style.

I have very little experience in coding so please bear with me if there are any major problems with this project. I'll attempt to fix things if they pop up.

There's one sneaky secret area in the game for keen observers ;)

Music track is from: http://www.freesound.org/people/FoolBoyMedia/sound...

Basic FPS controls. Mouse for looking. WASD for forward, left, right and back.


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Is it offline? It is not loading anymore on browser (tried firefox, chrome and IE).

looks really really good, keep up the good work !

Changed the name to Sketch dungeons. But thank you for comply my request, the title have worked very well.

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There is another game called same as this, but done in the Gamemaker studio: http://www.indiedb.com/games/paper-dungeon/downloads/paper-dungeon-10-demo

Oh wow, thanks for the heads up. I'll look at changing my project name.

Don't hurry, if you have the same name, put your author name in parentheses ()